Top 5 Best URL Shortening Service 2019!

If you are ever wondering about what are the best performing URL shortening services right now in the market then you have come to the right place because in this post I am going to tell you some of the best url shorteners of 2019.

What is a URL Shortener / URL Shortening Service?

URL Shortener: are sites or scripts that allow you to trim/short long URLs without any developers experience. You just need to have a long URL (Universal Resource Locator) and URL shortener sites will make it look really tiny.

Here's an example of short url:

Long URL:

Short URL (source site

Benefits of Short URLs

There are plenty of benefits of short URLs for example:

  • You can easily share short links in Twitter messages, blogs, microblogs and other social networks.
  • Short urls are easy to remeber as compared to long urls
  • Many url shorteners offer you to customize weird looking urls according to your needs
    For instance can be converted into
  • Almost every url shortening service is FREE to use except for those which gives you more access over your urls (e.g. detailed statistic, custom domain name, APi keys etc)
  • You can track your urls by clicks and view stats like Referring sites, Total number of clicks, Unique Clicks, Social Shares, Geographic Locations (this feature is more handy for website owners)
  • You can hide your referrer site link from competitors so they cannot steal your traffic source.
  • You can create as much links as you want (some sites have restrictions about creating short urls).

What Are Best URL Shortner Sites in 2019?


On top of all is the best free url shortening site in the market. Operating since 2008 bitly has shortened over 37.5 billion an average of 277 million links per month.At or you can:

  • Short URLs
  • View Statistics
  • Customize URLs
  • Use 3 different domains to share shorten urls (, and
  • Use of API

2. Tinyurl

TinyURL is another URL shortening web service, which provides short aliases for redirection of long URLs was established in January 2002. With TinyURL you can:

  • Short URLs
  • Customize URLs
  • Preview URLs
  • Use of API

3. Google URL Shortener

Google URL Shortener is a url shortening service introduced by Google to create short URLs that can be easily tweeted, shared, or emailed to friends. By using Google URL Shortener you can:

  • Short URLs
  • View Detailed Analytics
  • Use of API

Note: As of March 30, 2018, google has turned down support for URL shortener. From April 13, 2018, only existing users were able to create short links on the console.


Founded in 2012 is another URL Shortener service that allow free URL shortening. Some cool features of are as follows:

  • Short URLs
  • View Detailed Analytics
  • Use of API
  • Privatize Stats
  • Use Custom Domains
  • Preview Shortened URLs
  • QR Code for every URL Shorten

5. is a free-to-use URL Shortening Service that allow visitors / users / people to create short urls and easily share them in emails, tweets, instant messages, blogs, SMS and all other social networks and sites. was founded in September 15, 2018 and is privately held and based in Richmond.


  • Create Unlimited Free Short URLs
  • View Detail Analytics of Your Shorten URLs
  • Create Free Account to Use More Features (i.e. Create custom redirect pages, make stats private, make URL public/private, view real-time statistics, create an expiry date of URLs and much more)
  • Customize Aliases
  • Add Link Expiration
  • Password Protect Links
  • Geo Targeting
  • Device Targeting